Sunday, April 22, 2012

Final Project Progress- Team Confusion

paint bucket decorated that says teacher survival kit

Our group has been using a Google Doc to do all of our collaborating.  We each write in a different, specified color when editing this document. We talked about a few options for our final project.  I think we want to include some type of demonstration on how to use several of the tools we have learned in EDM 310 (Twitter, Skype, SmartBoard), but we also want to incorporate a survival guide element to it.  We have a few other things up our sleeves (but we have to ask Dr. Strange first).  Everyone has offered really good suggestions; we just need to figure out how to incorporate all the ideas into a cohesive project. The two ideas that I think we all somewhat agree on so far are incorporating the SmartBoard into some type of survival guide video. I think that is pretty good progress.  Deciding the direction to go in is the hardest part to me.  Also, our group seems to communicate easily with each other and are all very agreeable and flexible.

Team Confusion- Alex Mayfield, Erika Conn, Ariel Robinson, and Jessica Bonner

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