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C4T #4 Summary Post

C4T #3
Peoplegogy Blog

At first, I did not understand why this is a C4T assignment.  Although W.H. Dayemport, the creator of the blog, is a Ed Doctoral Candidate, he is not the author of all the posts on his blog.  He uses this blog to allow other PHD candidates, teachers, etc... to make posts about their experience with teaching, continuing education (in any subject area), and technology (among other things).  The posting I commented (posted Saturday, April 14) was from a Ph.D candidate named Eva Lantsoght entitled "Doctoral Confessions."  She shares her "adventures" in obtaining her doctorate in Civil Engineering.  While this is not a post concerning teaching or education, I found it helpful to read about her process as a student. She is balancing her dissertation work while being a TA (among other responsibilities).  I really didn't know how to comment, other than to thank her for being open and honest about her experience. I explained that I was planning on continuing my education up to the doctorate level someday and that I knew I would share her challenges. I wrote:
Hello, Eva!
I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am currently working on getting my undergraduate degree in Secondary Education/History there, but I plan on going as far as I can with my education. I enjoyed reading about your experience with a doctorate program. Although my program will be much different from Civil Engineering, I know that I may encounter the same challenges with time management, pressure to perform, and juggling everyday life and other obligations with doctoral studies. Thank you again for sharing your experiences! Good luck with the rest of your studies and congratulations on your coming wedding!
Jessica Bonner
Jessica's EDM310 Blog

C4T #4
Dissertation update by W.H Deyamport

In this post, Mr. Dayamport posts a video of him updating us on how his dissertation is coming along. He is conducting an action research study on Twitter.  He describes some of the process of doing this research and the ups-and-downs of it.  He also talks about how excited he is to become "Dr. Will."  This is my reply:

Hello Mr. Deyamport!
I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I have been following your blog as a part of an ongoing assignment for this class. Your dissertation topic concerning Twitter seems to go right along with this class. We have been studying how to use media like Twitter in our classrooms and as a tool for Professional Development to connect us with other educators and mentors around the world. I know you are excited about your research (and the conclusion of it). Good luck with the rest of your journey on the way to being "Dr. Will," and thank you for sharing your blog!
Cartoon says It's time to move out when mom says no tv until you finish your dissertation

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