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C4K Summary Post

C4K#1 Lakin's Blog
cartoon about creative writing

Lakin Jackson is a student from Noel, Mo in Mrs . C's eighth grade class. She has not posted on her blog since December 2011, however I looked over the posts from a few weeks before that and commented on her blog overall.  She has been nominated for a best student blog award, and most of the posts' content had to do with a creative writing project she was working on.  She was also doing a similar project to what we do called "Comments for Kids" where she commented on other student's work.  Her posts were articulate and self-reflecting. She also asked for a lot of feedback, which I gave in my post specifically about the first paragraph of her Creative Writing assignment.

C4K #2 Confessions of an AP Government Student- Hannah
shirt that says I heart AP Government

As the title of her blog implies, Hannah is an AP Government student in Mr. Gwaltney's class at the Online School for Girls.  Hannah's post from February 8, 2012 was about her apprehension at joining this particular class.  As a senior, she felt that "senioritis" may distract her from such strenuous curriculum. However, Hannah then describes how much she enjoys the class discussions and gives a surprisingly unbiased look at her textbook.  This is the comment I left on her post:
Hello, Hannah! What a well-written, honest analysis of your AP U.S. Government and History class! As a future History teacher, I can appreciate students who accurately describe their true feelings toward course assignments and required material. It is obvious from your post that you are an open-minded and critical thinker, because you are able to question your own beliefs and listen to the views and opinions of others. This shows a lot of maturity and wisdom on your part. It is a hard thing to admit that you have changed your mind about an issue. I have enjoyed reading this and look forward to your future posts.Thanks!
She detailed about an assignment where she proposed repealing the 2nd Amendment. She said that after hearing other arguments, that she had changed her mind.  I very much enjoyed reading this blog, because I would LOVE to teach an American Government and History class some day. 

C4K #3 Mrs. Garcia's Class- Hayley's Blog

paper stars
Hayley is a student in Mrs. Garcia's fourth grade class. On January 25, 2012 Hayley posted about a demonstration she did for her fellow classmates on how to make a paper star.  This post was very revealing about Hayley as a person and a student. She told about learning how to make the star when she and her family lived in the Philippines before they moved to Canada.  This is the post I left for her:

Hello, Hayley. 
My name is Jessica, and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I was given your blog as an assignment for one of my classes, and you have done a fabulous job! I enjoyed reading about your demonstration and how you were so helpful to your classmates. It was also nice learn a little about where you come from and your family from this post. Do you ever miss living in the Philippines? I know you said that your Mom and Dad really loved it there, but I was wondering how you felt about it. Thank you for sharing this post. 

I haven't received a response from Hayley about her feelings toward the Philippines yet, but I look forward to hearing from her.

C4K #4 Mr. Salsich's 3rd Grade Class Blog
Mr. Salsich's 3rd graders from Connecticut posted a blog February 26 about building boats.  In this science assignment, they were given certain materials such as sponges, straws, and tin foil to build a boat that would hold the maximum number of marbles while remaining afloat.  The children were divided into teams of two to build the boats. After the experiment, the students wrote about their experience and what they learned about buoyancy and boat building. The post included video of the experiments and their reflections.  First of all let me say, this blog is well-organized and interesting. I was impressed with Mr. Salsich and his students.  This is the comment I left on their post:
rubberband straws sponges and tin foil
Hello, class!
I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I am very impressed by this class’s ingenuity and resourcefulness in building their boats. What a great project! Every one did such a wonderful job, not just with their boats, but with understanding why some things worked and others didn’t. Learning how to self-evaluate is just as important as learning the concept at hand (i.e. buoyancy). Thank you for sharing your class project! I have enjoyed your other blog posts as well! Keep up the good work!

This project worked on so many levels: science, teamwork, writing (self-evaluations), and critical thinking. They did a great job! I encourage everyone to watch the videos of the experiments!

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  1. Good job. I would have liked to see final picture of the boats, though!